School of Engineering

Enriching Your Academic Experience

PIU has set up the School of Engineering to nurture future-ready engineers with deep knowledge of Plastics, Polymer, Sustainability, and Digitalization, which industries across the globe are looking for. With a perfect unification of distinct disciplines, the School of Engineering prepares students for a successful career in the industry.

The School of Engineering has been working to innovate and create important technologies that can transform the existing trends of Plastics, Chemical, and Mechanical Industries. The University offers B. Tech. programmes meeting the new age demand of the industries. PIU owns the latest technology laboratories, smart classes, and digitally equipped infrastructure.

Fundamental Values and Opportunities

Our fundamental values serve as the cornerstone of our educational philosophy. The core principles and beliefs of the institution are foundational to its approach to education. Our commitment is to cultivate a student culture that embodies quality, integrity, and social responsibility.

At PIU, we believe that education encompasses more than just technical skills. In addition to academic learning, we think it is important to foster empathy, ethical awareness, and a commitment to sustainable activities. We value diversity and inclusivity in our workplace in order to equip our students to inculcate these values and make significant contributions to the society.

Opportunities Awaiting PIU Students

At PIU, we are inclined towards our students gaining the theoretical and practical knowledge desirable by the industry, ensuring they are prepared for success in the evolving landscape of engineering and technology. The unique opportunities that PIU students can look forward to are:

Internships and
Industry Exposure

Research and

Global Exchange

Entrepreneurship and
Start-up Support

Career Services and
Placement Assistance

Lifelong Learning

Graduate Certificate Programmes

PIU offers a suite of specialized graduate certificate programmes tailored for working professionals in the plastics engineering and technology domain. Crafted by industry experts and delivered by seasoned faculty, these programmes encompass diverse areas such as Medical Plastics Design and Manufacturing, Elastomeric Materials, Plastics Design, Advanced Compounding Technology, Polymeric Materials and Additives, Sustainable Plastic Materials and Processing, and many more based on the industry requirements. Participants gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in their chosen focus areas, empowering them to excel in their careers. These programmes ensure professionals are well-equipped to steer through the complexities of the industry, fostering innovation, and contributing meaningfully to a sustainable future. For more details, email at