India's First University
Dedicated to Plastics
and Sustainability

Plastindia International University (PIU) traces its roots back to the visionary efforts of the Plastindia Foundation, the Apex body of major associations connected with Plastics in India since 1987. PIU is the One of it’s kind university dedicated to Plastics and Sustainability, offering specialised technology and management courses and continuing education programmes for working professionals. Since its inception, PIU has received steadfast support and encouragement from the government, enabling it to produce the next generation of plastics professionals. Plastindia International University and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA, has signed a comprehensive long-term Engagement MoU with the objective of supporting the establishment of world-class engineering programmes at Plastindia International University

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In the ever-evolving realm of the plastics industry, sustainability stands tall as a beacon of change, guiding the way forward towards innovation and progress. At Plastindia International University (PIU), we are not just observers of this shift; we are catalysts of change. Through a blend of cutting-edge research initiatives and immersive academic programmes, we’re moulding the next generation of leaders who will steer the industry towards a sustainable future.
Our students aren’t just learners; they’re trailblazers armed with the knowledge and passion to revolutionise the way we think about plastics. At PIU, sustainability isn’t just a concept—it’s a calling, and we’re here to answer it with enthusiasm, dedication, and unwavering resolve.

What Makes Plastindia International
Stand Out?

Ever-increasing Use of Plastics

Global plastic production has surged to over 430 million tonnes per year, with one-fourth of the total amount consumed in India. In response to the constantly increasing plastic pollution, the international community is making various efforts, including the United Nations’ new global treaty. Meanwhile, various techniques, from chemical recycling to bioplastics, are being used nowadays for sustainable plastic production.

Plastindia International University -
Shaping the Future Workforce
for Sustainability


Total Plastics
Consumption in India


Total Plastics


Growth By 2030

Our Efforts Towards a
Sustainable Future

Embracing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Plastindia International University offers not only industry-centric programmes like B.Tech. in Plastics and Polymer Engineering but also need-of-the-hour courses such as B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering, covering the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These courses are designed to equip individuals with the optimal knowledge and skills to make impactful contributions to Plastics and allied industries. Here is what sets PIU stand apart:

Eco-friendly digital campus

Strong Focus on Research & Innovation

Industry/International Standard Curriculum

International Learning Opportunities

State-of-the-Art Laboratories

Strong Industry Connect

Need-of-the-hour programmes and facilities

Strong Startup Ecosystem

Comprehensive Career Development Programmes

Our Flagship Undergraduate Programmes:

Admissions Open Now

Embark on a journey of academic brilliance as Plastindia International University unveils its much-anticipated flagship programmes for the Academic Year 2024-25. Join the forefront of innovation with our cutting-edge offerings:

Secure your place in the evolution of education and excellence.

Elevate Your Expertise with
our Graduate Certificate Programme

Plastindia International University (PIU) offers a suite of specialized graduate certificate programmes tailored for working professionals in the plastics engineering and technology domain. Crafted by industry experts and delivered by seasoned faculty, these programmes encompass diverse areas such as Medical Plastics Design and Manufacturing, Elastomeric Materials, Plastics Design, and more. Participants gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in their chosen focus areas, empowering them to excel in their careers. From mastering the intricacies of plastics processing to delving into sustainable polymeric materials, these programmes ensure professionals are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the industry, fostering innovation, and contributing meaningfully to a sustainable future. For more details, email at

UML Partners with
Plastindia International
University to Prepare
21st Century Workforce

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Industry-driven Research and Innovation

The mission of Plastindia International University is to build an educational ecosystem to promote innovation in Plastics Technology, supported by path-breaking research. To achieve this, the University promotes research-based activities, not just for students but also for faculty. Key research focus areas at PIU include:

PIU provides full support to research in plastics technology, along with providing formal education. It collaborates with premiere institutes at the global level to provide cutting-edge research facilities to students. The researchers get the opportunity to work closely with the industry and identify the real problems to research upon.

Polymeric biomaterials

Polymer synthesis

Plastics processing

Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites


Emerging electronic properties of polymers

Plastic recycling

Sustainable polymeric material from renewable sources

A Glimpse Into the
Eco-friendly Digital Campus

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Plastindia International University delegation visited ANTEC conference at Anaheim, California

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