PLASTINDIA International University has initially set up School of Engineering which includes one of the top-rated Bachelors Program in the country. The need of such courses is to nurture engineers with knowledge of Plastics which has been felt by the industries across the globe. The School of Engineering is set up in the campus with collaboration and integration of knowledge of distinct disciplines.

The School of Engineering has been working to innovate and to create important technologies which can transform the existing trends of Plastics, Chemical and Mechanical Industries. It has established three exclusive departments, offering various Bachelors and Masters Programs:-Plastics, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.

It owns 31 laboratories, some owned and maintained exclusively by the department and few common, maintained by the school.

The department of Plastics Engineering offers two full time Programs in Plastics & Polymer Engineering: B.Tech. and M.Tech. in Plastics & Polymer Engineering. The two programs are devised in eight and four semesters respectively with laboratory aided curriculums. The department has developed five fully furnished laboratories with modern technological tools and equipment

Soon, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering shall offer two full time Bachelors and Masters programs ; B.E. and M.E. in the respective areas. The B.E. will be a four year full time Bachelors degree program. The Masters program shall be devised in four semesters over the span of two years. The department is planning to develop twelve laboratories under the support and assistance of various industries with fully furnished tools and equipment.

Departments & programs

Plastics Engineering Department

About the Department :

Department of Plastics Engineering has been established with the objective of promoting the education in the field of Plastics Industry. The aim is to nurture students to identify, understand and deal with factors that promote development of industry.

The department with the help of various funding agencies carries out in-depth research on various issues.
It vows to develop high level of intellectual abilities in Plastics Engineering, technology and management.

Academic Programs :

The department offers blend of specialized academic and skill development training programs at bachelors and masters level to achieve its objectives :

Plastics products are an integral part of our routine. Engineers well versed with behaviors of these materials can best understand the ways of achieving desired designs, tests and manufacture.

The Bachelors program is developed in eighth semesters concentrating on practical approach towards research right from the beginning. . The curriculum bestows a sound base in Chemistry and Polymer Science, a full study of Plastics Materials, Properties, Physics, Engineering Sciences, Product and Process Design, Plastics Manufacturing and Computer aided Engineering.

The semester wise curriculum is as below:

First Semester Second Semester
Introduction to Plastics Engineering College Writing II
College Writing I Chemistry II
Economics Chemistry II Lab
Chemistry I Calculus II
Chemistry I Lab Physics I
Calculus I Fundamentals of Experimental Physics I
Third Semester Fourth Semester
Plastics Safety Lecture Plastics Safety Lecture
Polymeric Materials I Polymeric Materials II
Plastics Process Engineering Lab I Professional Development Seminar
Intro to Organic & Polymer Chemistry Engineering Mechanics
Calculus III Dynamics of Systems
Physics II Plastics Process Engineering Lab II
Fundamentals of Experimental Physics II Thermodynamics
  Differential Equations
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Plastics Safety Lecture Plastics Safety Lecture
Professional Development Seminar Plastics Process Engineering Lab IV
Methods in Experiment Analysis Heat Transfer
Fluid Flow Plastics Mold Engineering
Plastics Process Engineering Lab III Plastics Process Engineering II
Plastics Process Engineering I Polymer Science for Engineers II
Polymer Science for Engineers I Polymer Science II Lab
Polymer Science I Lab Arts and Humanities Elective
Engineering Ethics  
Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
Plastics Safety Lecture Plastics Safety Lecture
Mechanical Behavior of Polymers Polymer Structure/Properties
Process Control Capstone Design II
Capstone Design I Product and Process Design
Design/Materials Technical Elective Design/Materials Technical Elective
Open Technical Elective Arts and Humanities Elective
Social Sciences Elective Social Sciences Elective

Academic Life

The university offers unique opportunities to undergraduates. We believe in education restricted not only to the classrooms. This is the reason, we regularly conduct special job trainings, workshops, symposiums, conferences and internships. The idea is to instill professionalism, projection and prodigy in young minds

We look forward for enthusiastic students who can support and take active part in organizing various programs.

Online Learning

The vision of our hon’ble Prime Minister, Shree Narendra Modi to make Digital India has been adopted by the University. We have initiated new methods of learning by using online technological tools to enrich the educational experience and expand learning opportunities. The digitization of education shall be helpful to people seeking distance education. We proffer various MOOCs courses in line with UGC’s guidelines. The distance learning online course will benefit those students, who are unable to attend regular classes.

Continuing Education Programs

The University offers various programs for industry professionals such as: